About the POPbooks Blog

The POP Project Book Blog is used primarily to showcase the activities and successes of our nonprofit. However, you will find that many of our posts focus on news related to sister nonprofits in the Asheville area, as well as literacy, literature, publishing, and other topics of interest to book lovers. We are also devoted to providing our readers with information related to the future of books and education, and how our society responds to those changes.

It’s fun stuff.

Look for updates to the blog on every other Tuesday, or as news occurs.

About the POP Project:

LOGO 2013The POP Project finds new homes for used books.

The POP Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Asheville, NC. We collect secondhand books to redistribute within communities in Western North Carolina and across the Southeast. The demand is great, and all contributions are welcome.

We recognize the strong correlations between literacy levels, educational and professional success, and susceptibility to entering the corrections system. POP works with other literacy and advocacy agents in Western North Carolina to improve every community member’s access to books, and ultimately their ability to succeed.

Click here for more about our nonprofit.

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